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Curly Girl Problems: Coconut Oil Doesn't Work in my hair!

Curly Girl Problems: Coconut Oil Doesn't Work in my hair!

Oil is a staple for curly, natural hair especially with the heat and humidity at the moment it can really help keep curls hydrated and defined. Coconut Oil has been a life saver for many curly haired men and women because of the amazing smell, natural properties and it being the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft, so it should be amazing right?! WRONG!


I’ve seen a lot of forum posts and general queries of natural/curly girls talking about coconut oil not working in their hair and unfortunately I am part of that crew. About a year and a half ago I bought all natural, unrefined, cold pressed Coconut Oil thinking this was going to do wonders for my hair and I’d have amazing healthy hair and look like Rapunzel by the end of the year. I was using coconut oil as a pre-poo and hot oil treatment mixed with Olive Oil and honey and it was making my hair really soft. I have quite thin strands and a lot of oil and grease never did sit well with my hair nor does protein treatments, so maybe that’s another added reason as Coconut Oil does act like a protein in hair. But, I was a bit shocked when I tried the LOC method with Coconut Oil last night that it really didn’t work, it made my curls look thinner and a bit greasy but all-in-all way more frizzy, I thought oil was supposed to do the opposite. Although my hair is really soft at the moment, I hate the way it looks, and it seems a lot of others are having the exact same problem.

There was a study on this subject conducted in India in 2002, researchers found that coconut oil reduces damage both as a pre-wash and post grooming treatment. However, results showed it worked better as a prewash which makes sense since that’s when a lot of mechanical damage occurs during the washing and drying process. There is a debate weather it is best used as a treatment rather than a sealant.

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