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7 Mistakes You're Making When You Shampoo Your Hair

7 Mistakes You're Making When You Shampoo Your Hair

It’s Wash Day.

Step one? Shampoo your hair, of course. Thats simple enough, right? Eh, maybe not as simple as we thought.

It turns out that many of us are making little mistakes in our shampooing process that can cause big headaches later on. So let’s run down the list of things we want to avoid doing in order to get our hair feeling so-fresh-and-so-clean the right way:

1. Shampooing too often

If you want to get your hair clean and shiny hair, you would think that washing it more often would do the trick, right? Wrong! Your hair will be clean, but it will be dull and dry from being stripped of its natural oils. Believe it or not, you can overwash your hair. Many stylists recommend once a week, but some people have even found that shampooing closer to every other week works better for them. You may fall somewhere in-between, but either way, pay attention to how your hair looks and feels to make sure you aren’t grabbing the shampoo a bit too often.

2. Not washing often enough

Some folks are too familiar with the dry feeling shampoos can leave us with and try to avoid it by lengthening the time between shampoos. This is also an issue. Build-up on your hair and scalp get in the way and create a barrier between your hair and the products you use to moisturize and nourish your hair. Also, for my co-washers, make sure that you are breaking up your regular routine with a traditional shampoo every couple of weeks to be sure that you are really getting your hair clean.

3. Ignoring your scalp

We spend so much time worrying about our hair that we forget about the root of it all – our scalp! A healthy and clean scalp growths healthy hair so make sure that you are getting it completely clean. Tip: Use your fingertips and NOT your nails to scrub your scalp so that you do not damage it with too much force.

4. Rinsing out shampoo too quickly

Don’t treat your shampoo like an afterthought by just going through the motions. Take time to work it on to your scalp and through your hair to ensure that you get everything clean. Rinsing out your shampoo too soon doesn’t give it time to work its magic so take a minute or two to really work it in and wash the gunk away.

5. Not thoroughly rinsing out shampoo

Once you’ve scrubbed your hair and scalp clean, be sure to thoroughly rinse out all of the shampoo! Left behind shampoo can be drying to the hair and can also cause product build-up.

6. Not using the right kind of shampoo

The world of shampoos is quite vast and there are countless options for your hair. If you want to dodge the dry after-shampoo feeling, a sulfate-free shampoo could be for you. If you have color-treated hair, then you need something formulated to protect and restore your hair. If you have breakage or scalp issues, then you’ll want something to treat those concerns. Don’t blindly reach for anything off the shelf – do some research or ask your stylist for recommendations!

7. Not following up with a conditioner

Now that we are using the right shampoo, we must be sure to follow-up with some conditioner. Shampoos can sometimes strip our hair of the “good stuff” while removing the product build-up and dirt. Conditioners help nourish and replenish our hair of the nutrients that make our hair strong and healthy.

Did any of these mistakes sound like something you are guilty of doing on Wash Day? What other things do you avoid doing with shampoo? Share in the comments below!

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