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9 Easy Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

9 Easy Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

It’s starting to get warmer outside, so you know what that means; your schedule is about to be jam packed with cookouts, swimming dates, picnics, long bike rides through the city and more!
But in our excitement for everything that comes with warm weather it’s important to remember that excessive heat from the sun can damage our hair just as much as it can damage our skin.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some easy tips to ensure that your hair stays protected while you’re out and about this season.

1. Just say “NO” to products with peroxide and alcohol bases! Instead, use products with protective and fortifying ingredients such as coconut, shea, or argan oils.
2. Consider utilizing umbrellas, hats and light scarves while being exposed to the sun for long periods. Investing in a straw or fedora hat is a great idea this season. Not only are these items protecting your face and hair from sun exposure, they are also very chic and stylish and can be found for less than $10.
3. Plan your activities early in the morning or closer to sunset to avoid the hours during the day when the sun is shining its brightest.
4. Use products with UV protection. Yes, the same care and precautions you take to protect your skin can also be used to protect your hair! Look for conditioners with sunscreen in them or use your favorite conditioner and add a little sunscreen to it to protect your tresses.
5. Hydrate! We all know how vital water intake is but it’s especially important during the warm Spring and Summer months because of the high temperatures. Water is an essential part of our bodies so the more you drink water the better your hair will look and feel!
6. Retain moisture. Our hair loves moisture and finding your tresses favorite moisturizer will be helpful this season.
7. Don’t forget protective styling! Protect your hair from the harsh summer elements by protecting your ends. Bun, braid, weave or twist it up while you’re out in the sun, trim your hair regularly, and use non-damaging hair bands. Your hair will thank you later!
8. Dampen hair before you’re exposed to the sun with water (extra coat) and when swimming be sure to brush/detangle carefully because our is most fragile when it’s wet.
What other tips do you use to protect your hair during the warmer months? Share your best tips below!

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