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Micro bead wavy hair extensions care tips and tricks

Micro bead wavy hair extensions care tips and tricks

You are having trouble using micro bead wavy hair extensions. The article below will provide you with useful information on micro bead wavy hair care tips and tricks. Read and share these tips with friends who do not know about micro bead wavy hair extensions.

Excessive contact with salt water or pool water is not recommended. Before swimming, apply a mask to the hair before swimming to protect the hair from over drying. Rinse and condition hair immediately after exiting the water in order to remove any residue.

Moisture and heat will break down the silicone of the beaded hair extensions.

Compliance with these guidelines, air temperatures/humidity, exercise habits, and the lifestyles extension wearers will factor into the longevity of your hair extensions.

Avoid frequent hair washing. We recommend the use of a dry shampoo or volumizing powder to absorb excess oil in the natural hair.

If you have hair extensions for thin hair, secure your hair in a low loose ponytail before washing. Flip your head upside down in your sink or tub, and then gently cleanse your natural hair.

Discoloration may occur when direct sunlight, tanning beds, well water, or argon oils (on blonde hair) are in direct and excessive contact with the different types hair extensions. To avoid discoloration, use spray sunscreen on the ends of the hair, cover hair with a hat, use water softener or a showerhead filter, or select products specially formulated for blonde hair.

During the first week, do not pull the extensions up past the hair’s natural fall. It is recommended to wear hair in a low and loose ponytail. A low, loose ponytail is also recommended for sleeping at night.

The buildup of any product on the base of the hair extensions will cause the silicone to break down. Avoid applying any products to the base of hair extensions, and make sure to thoroughly rinse shampoo after every washing.


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