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Tips to maintain your hair at the Gym

Tips to maintain your hair at the Gym

The gym is becoming a habit for young people. Many of us stop ourselves from going to the gym because our hairstyles cost too much to sweat out. So we don’t know how to maintain it during our workouts. Sis, I hear you but your health comes first. Check out our tips to maintain your hair at the gym.

I decree, “My edges will remain laid!”

Sweat absorbent headbands/wraps are a must. If you can walk around with a silk scarf, printed headwrap, or a baseball cap then you can actually buy a product that scientifically whisks sweat.

Wear it up, wear it up

You'll never have to sweat your hair at the gym again. Don’t let your hair touch the equipment or the nape of your neck. High Ponytails, Mid buns, pineapples, are your best bet. Your hair will remain in one constant place and won’t get as wet. Try your best not to take down your ponytail until your hair and/or scalp is dry. If not, you’re edges and hair will frizz. Best bet is to air dry or blow dry your scalp on low for 10 minutes.

hair extensions

Dry shampoo saves your wigs and weaves

Spray on your hair before your workout to absorb sweat, off-set frizz. Your wig and weave will smell good and stay dry.

Low manipulation/ Protective style

Bantu, Braids, twist, pineapple your hair the night before and maintain it at the gym with a silk scarf or headwrap.

Now, hit the gym and remember to maintain your hair at the gym, because your body deserves it.


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