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6 ways to use hair extensions for a new look this 2018

6 ways to use hair extensions for a new look this 2018

Beauty is the common interest of many women. How about a new look this 2018? Know that hair extensions can already give you a new look by just installing one. You do not know how to use hair extensions. The article below will provide useful information on 6 ways to use hair extensions for a new look this 2018.

Hair extensions can also be adorned as a braid-headband fit for your summer-themed hairstyle. Just simply activate your creativity and you’ll be surprised at the variety of ways you can do with your hair extensions turning them into almost anything.

Add longer braids
Longing for that thick and lengthy braids that you see much on Pinterest? Achieve this with hair extensions. Simply put in your extensions, and just like what you would do with your hair if only they were long enough, braid it. And the result? An alluring extra-thick braid you’ve been dreaming of. This 2018, become daring by experimenting different kinds of braids such as the mermaid braid, fishtail braid, bow braid, and what have you.

Add length
Did you just cut off your hair due to damages or whatever reason you have, but still want to achieve that lengthy hair? If you are considering for an instant solution to this, hair extensions are your best option. How about some varieties that are with curls and waves? 2018 should be the year you can show off your hair.

Add dimensions to hairstyles
Do you prefer having ponytails or messy buns? How about giving it an extra body to your hair? Clip-in hair extensions are best used for this. Know that you don’t have to use an entire set just to achieve a substantial body in your hair. 1 or 2 of your clip wefts may just be enough for your updo hairstyle.

Add highlights
Not that confident to have your hair temporarily coloured? Hair extensions is a solution to this! There are coloured hair extensions available for use and can come with different hues and shades. Choose the extensions with shades that are lighter to your natural hair colour for highlights, or brighter ones to add ombre effect to your locks. This will definitely bring a new look to you.

Add volume
With  hair extensions, you can transform your hair from being thin into much thicker, bulky, but beautiful locks. They can add volume to your hair depending on how much you desire.


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