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Healthy hair habits to adopt in 2018

Healthy hair habits to adopt in 2018

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference and apparently that’s the same when it comes to haircare too. These 5 small changes to your routine could be the difference. In just a short time, you can see significant change. Let's find out about Healthy hair habits to adopt in 2018

Keep on top of trims

If you’re growing your hair this is the one tip you never want to hear but even if it’s only twice a year, getting a cut will eliminate split ends and stop them from travelling up the hair shaft. As long as you’re not cutting off all the hair you’ve grown you won’t lose any length but will maintain the health of your hair which is super important. Alternatively you could try out our ‘dusting’ techniques for removing split ends that will maintain your length while giving you super smooth hair at the same time.

Minimise Heat

It goes without saying that you should ALWAYS use heat protection when styling your hair to avoid damage but a few days off from heat styling can do wonders too. Heatless styles are really easy to achieve and can help to prolong split ends in the short term. We’ve actually done a whole video on testing heatless curling methods, so if you need some inspo click here to watch. If you can’t avoid heat though and you need to blowdry make sure your hair is at least 80% dry before you start to avoid causing any damage.

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Take care of your hair when it’s wet

Wet hair is much weaker and more prone to damage than when it’s dry so it’s super important that you’re extra careful. Swapping your regular towel for a cotton t-shirt will be way more gentle on your locks and leave them less prone to frizz too. You also want to avoid a brush and only use a comb on wet hair working from the ends up. Lastly - and this isn’t pleasant - but blasting your hair with cold water at the end of your shower will close the cuticles and leave it looking healthier and shinier too.

Eat well

Supplements may promise you the world but the best way to get the nutrients you need for healthy hair is through your diet. Chicken, fish and nuts are all packed with protein that will encourage hair growth. It’s important to eat lots of foods that are rich in Vitamin A too as this will help your scalp produce sebum which is the natural conditioner that keeps your hair feeling silky smooth.

Don’t forget your scalp

As your scalp has more hair follicles and grease glands, the skin can become congested way quicker than in other areas and leave you with those pesky flakes. A healthy scalp is really important if you want to keep your hair looking good and avoid any flakes. Using a conditioner can actually help to soothe any dry patches and avoid dandruff, so make sure you take it up to your scalp everytime you’re washing your hair. If your skin is particularly problematic though you can always try out a scalp exfoliator. This will gently buff away at any excess sebum or product to leave your hair follicles feeling fresh.


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