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How to straighten your hair at home?

How to straighten your hair at home?

Hair is very important in our life. Want to try something new to change your lifeless tresses? If you can do it on hair salon, you would spend much money. You can straighten your hair bundles at home by yourself. Today we will tell you how to straighten your hair in the home in the article below.

It starts in the shower: Be mindful of the shampoo and conditioner you use, and be sure to use a formula that aids in keeping your hair straight. Much like your makeup, a good hairstyle is all about a good foundation. We can protect our wavy hair extensions from heat damage by adding some protestants which will be added all over your hair. Be sure that using a flat iron on dry virgin hair.

Wait until your hair is bone dry, Hair should be bone dry when you straighten.You can achieve this by air-drying your hair or blow-drying it briefly. Rough dry it until completely dry and then straighten over the top. Make sure the hair is clipped back in multiple sections, that makes it easier. The under sections or small sections are good for the beginning of dealing with.

straight hair

Although an advocate for heat-protectant serums and sprays, you’d better use oils because they are easily absorbed by the hair instead of simply coating it. It's great for thicker hair. Monitor your temperature, always protect your hair by avoiding too-hot temperatures. "The 450-degree setting was designed specifically for in-salon, professional keratin treatments.

Comb one section that you choose to deal with thoroughly in order to make it untangled. Hold the section tight, clamp a flat iron on it, deal with it from the root to the end. Use the flat iron which is pulled from in downwards motion to straighten this section. Turning the heat up a bit can make it easier to straighten the virgin hair. Or it will not be straight enough after only once.

Sometimes your hair might not be straightening quickly enough, causing you to run the flat iron over your hair a bunch of times. This repetitive movement can actually cause your hair to go static. To avoid this, turn the heat up on your straightener. When straightening hair, or even while blow-drying, the temptation to comb it (since it is so greatly enforced) can run high. But before you do so, grab a brush instead.


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