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Method make ponytail using milk and blush hair extensions

Method make ponytail using milk and blush hair extensions

Not everyone knows that milk and blush hair extensions are a great way to elevate any hairstyle no matter how simple. if you follow this simple method all of your ponytail dreams can come true. We sharing with you Method make ponytail using milk and blush hair extensions.

What you’ll need
Milk and blush hair extensions, 2 hair elastics, straighteners/flat iron, Curling tongs (optional)


Create a small ponytail at the back of your head at the height you want your pony to sit, leaving some of your own hair out and tie with an elastic. For a super high ponytail aim for the very top of your crown and for a lower one aim for half way down the back of your head. Once it’s secure loosen the hair around the pony slightly by holding the pony in place with one hand and gently pulling at the hair around the base with the other. This will help give your hair extensions something to fix to.

hair extensions

Now start clipping in your wefts around the base starting with the wefts with the fewest clips. For my ponytail I start with two 2-clip wefts followed by two 3-clip wefts and then the super thick 4-clip quad weft. The more wefts you add the thicker and fuller your ponytail with be. Next, flip your head over and scoop up all of your hair plus the wefts into a ponytail and tie with another hair elastic.

Later, for a super polished look take a small piece of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the hair elastic and pin in place with a bobby pin. To blend your own hair into the wefts flawlessly, take small sections of the pony and gently run your straighteners through.This also preps your hair for any further styling you wish to do.

This step is optional but I like to put a subtle wave through my ponytail. For this grab a curling wand (I like to use a 32mm wand) and curl small sections of the ponytail away from your face. Once cooled brush the waves out with a loop brush and you’ll be left with a super cute uniformed wave. Finally, for added lift you can also place a small crocodile clip inside the ponytail, no need to backcomb.


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