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Some interesting facts about hair extension

Some interesting facts about hair extension

Today, many people use hair extensions to make their hair beautiful. It has become the trend and favors of many women. However, many people are still wondering about the hair extensions and the problems around it such as the condition of hair can be connected, length, time, cost ... Not everyone knows some interesting facts about hair extension. Our article will provide information related to hair extensions.

Condition to use hair extensions

First thing in some interesting facts about hair extensions is condition to use hair splicing. The hair should be at least 10cm long from the root. In addition, the hair can not be too thin to have enough hair to cover the joints. It also can not be too weak to be able to wear a wig hook that is both long and heavier than it did ten times without breaking. Absolutely no hair should be connected when the hair is falling out of the disease or scalp are boils, pruritus, ulcers.

Length of hair extensions

Some interesting facts about hair extensions next is length of hair extensions. If the hair is thicker, the length of the hair will depend on the length of the hair. Longer connections are not as long as possible. The ideal length of your hair will be three times the length of your hair.

hair extensions

Time and cost of hair extensions

The average usage time is from 5 years to 6 years. The cost of joining hair usually ranges from $ 180 / kg to $ 900 / kg depending on the hair quality, the number of locks to be welded, the length of the connecting hair and the purpose of the connection. If someone sells you high quality hair extensions, 100% real hair at a low price, then you need to reconsider. To buy high quality hair extensions, real hair, 100% human hair, non-chemical, untreated you and good price, you can contact GoogleHair VUY.

Is hair made from real hair or synthetic fibers better?

Each person will match a different hair type and hair stylists will always give you the best advice. A small note that you need to know is that synthetic hair is always light, cheap, and cheaper than real hair, but of course it will not be "real".

hair extensions

The basic thing to take good care of the hair extensions?

An indispensable element in some interesting facts about hair extensions is taking care of it. Regardless of how you connect your hair, it is important to know that the lifespan of a hair extensions depends on the care and maintenance of each person. The most basic thing you need to remember when combing hair is to not brush when your hair is wet, do not dry your hair after shampooing.

At the same time, use a hat, scarf, umbrella to protect the hair when out in the sun or rain, do not let the hair get tangled. Also, brush your hair with a wooden comb or horn to keep your hair smooth and free from falling. When bedtime, you should tie your hair back to avoid messing up your hair.

Congratulations on your success and have a beautiful hair extensions.

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