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An interesting story about the woman with the longest hair in Vietnam

An interesting story about the woman with the longest hair in Vietnam

With a 2,4m long hair, a woman over 40 years old, from Thai Binh province in Vietnam, was awarded the longest straight hair woman in Vietnam by the Guinness Book of Records. on October 27, 2012. She was given the nickname "Lan Long Hair" because her hair is longer than her body. Ms. Lan has not cut her hair since 20 years ago. She said, long hair beautiful, was praised so that people liked and just let not think of raising hair to set a record.

"Everybody asked me if I was having a hard time, I had a headache, I did not see anything, normal. How can I do, but I feel normal, only hard when wearing a helmet and when going to bed, "Lan said.

long hair

When wearing a helmet is slightly difficult because the bun is too high and big, when the hair must be removed by hand, if the comb hair is broken, but after many years, Lan feels uncomfortable that is very normal. She said that raising long hair is very neat because the hair bun throughout the day and do not lose money, drying, dying hair like other sisters.

She shared the secret of keeping her long hair, black, smooth and straight: "I rarely use shampoo outside, I often wash the leaves like lemon leaves, grapefruit leaves, lemongrass. These are natural spices, which are also available. It makes the hair healthy all the time, black. "

She confided, about 3, 4 days she shampoo once, every shampoo also takes hours. Although long hair consumes large amounts of water and leaves, shampoo but she is glad that when they are out there are people looking at. People who know her call her "Lan long hair", who do not know whether she is Japanese, Chinese or ethnic Thai (Vietnam) or not.

long hair

In 1992, Lan started to go away from her family and went to work as a freelance company. For 4 years, Lan did not cut her hair, her hair was 1.1m long. However, due to the work required quick and easy operation, it was imperative for me to cut my long hair even though I regretted it.

Cut the long hair , feel empty, friends regret it. From then on, she continued to work long hair even with her work is not smooth. To keep the hair from tangling, she never shampooed with water. Every few days she re-boiled a pot of hot water, let cool then shampoo.

In 1998, she went abroad to work in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she said, the hair that dots her back, the hair grows very fast because the climate is hot there. They like long hair, I go to the road to the hair down his back, people look down, please take pictures, from which the nickname "Lan long hair". After 4 years working in the UAE, she came back to Vietnam.

long hair

At present, sometimes she cuts, trim a bit at the tip of the hair to grow longer because she just wants to have long hair like that and not want to longer.

"My long hair is loved by the whole family, my husband. He told me, if I cut my hair, do not know if he still love me again? "Lan shared.

I have two grandchildren, one son, one girl. At present, my daughter has grown up with long hair like her sister, and she always wears her hair when she goes to school.

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