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Tips to blend clip-in hair extensions with your hair naturally most reasonable

Tips to blend clip-in hair extensions with your hair naturally most reasonable

Clip in hair extensions is a great way of updating your look. Nowadays, more and more people want to invest in hair extensions to beautify themselves. Tips to blend clip-in hair extensions with your hair naturally most reasonable will help you avoid the hassle of using it. Read and share the article with your friends and family.

Get the right length

Another way of creating the most natural look possible with your extensions is to make sure they are styled in the same way as your own hair. To get the best results, we’d suggest going to your stylist and asking them to trim or cut the hair in a similar way to yours. This will help the extensions blend seamlessly with your own locks. It is also important to consider your natural hair length when styling your extensions.

Flip it out

It is also crucial to note your hair type; e.g finer hair will need more teasing than thicker hair to make the extensions blend nicely. You can try setting the extensions closer together to prevent your natural hair being seen. Another one of favorite tips is to apply your bottom weft upside down so when you flip your head upright, all of your shorter hair will be hidden by the longer lengths.

Shake it out

Some people also find that it helps their extensions to look more natural if they gently shake them with their fingers once they’ve been clipped in. This will allow the extensions to mix with your own hair for a more seamless look but be careful you don’t accidentally catch the clips and pull them out.

clip-in hair extensions

Wash before wear

Most clips in extensions have an ultra glossy finish to them when clipped to natural hair. Luckily the remedy to this problem is simple. Just wash the extensions before using them! Use a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to eliminate excess sheen and leave to air dry overnight.

Color to perfection

While most clip-ins come with a base color that will closely resemble your natural hair tone, try adding some highlights and low lights to even further aid the blending process. Either take the extensions to your stylist or (if you’re feeling bold) try highlighting them yourself. If you grab your bleach and color, you should make sure the extensions are 100% Remy human hair.

Blend them seamlessly

The way the extensions are placed into your hair is vitally important for ensuring your look remains natural. When placing the extensions onto your head, they will need something to grip onto. To do this, you have to spray hairspray onto your own hair and then gently tease before pushing the clips on. By doing this it allows the extensions to grip onto the bird's nest and rest more securely.

Choose the right match

Of course, our top tip for blending clip-in hair extensions is to choose the right match for your hair. You'll want something that resembles your hair texture and color. Fox clip-ins, both straight sets come in a range of colors, from honey blonde to jet black.


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