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You do not know: How to grow out a bad haircut

You do not know: How to grow out a bad haircut

You do not know what to do to improve your hair. You just need to change some simple habits that will be very helpful for your hair. Try the following ways, you will get worthy results. The article below will provide useful information for you about how to grow out a bad haircut.

If you need to tie it up, keep it loose

This one is especially important if you have damaged hair from bleaching as tying your hair up too tight could snap your strands. At this stage you want to be as gentle as possible to keep your hair in the best condition. Opt for a loose messy bun and try and wear your hair down as much as poss.

Pick up some bobby pins, they will save you

Bobby pins can work for any hair length and style and are an easy way to pin back your hair until you’re feeling happier with it. You can make a faux bob, get shorter hair into a pony or hide horrible bangs with these babies and they’re super cheap too.


Don’t cut anymore off

As much as you hate your cut now, continuing to chop at your hair isn’t going to do you any favours. You need to put down the scissors and take stock. It’s worth letting your hair grow for a few months before making any rash decisions and being left with something worse.

Avoid too much heat styling

As much as you’ll want to attack your hair with all you have, you could set your hair growth back a few months if you constantly damage it with heat styling. The best option is to blow dry your hair into a style and then rock that until you wash it again. Straightening your hair everyday is definitely not the answer.

Use your M+B Hair Extensions

One of the best ways to disguise a bad haircut is with your M+B Hair Extensions. No one will ever know and they’ll give you some extra confidence while growing out your bad do. If it’s super short your best bet would be the 12-14” set as you’ll be able to get the most natural blend. Click here to learn how to seamlessly blend your extensions.


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