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The secret of long hair care of Vietnamese women in the past

The secret of long hair care of Vietnamese women in the past

From the aesthetic point of view, the hair must be black long hair, smooth and strong. In order to have this standardized hair, Vietnamese women used their own secrets from daily natural ingredients. They use well-known ingredients that work well and do not harm the scalp and hair. Let's find out about the secret of long hair care of Vietnamese women in our article below.

Bo Ket - natural shampoo perfect for beautiful long hair

In the past, women has taught how to care for long hair with a bo ket. Dried baked nuts. Then, you put in the water pot, put on the stove to boil, the water will turn yellow. Bo Ket contains 10% saponin, the yellow substance, is capable of foaming with the main use is anti-inflammatory, emulsifying, cleansing. According to long experience, Bo Ket zhas been used to treat dandruff, fungal hair treatment, reduce hair loss and loss, stimulate hair growth, black hair, shiny hair.

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To add aroma and enhance the effect of long hair care, you can add the leaves or citronella leaves, boiled with shampoo. The essential oils in these natural herbs are mildly soothing, nourishing, protecting the hair, making the hair soft and smooth.

Grapefruit peel

Old women often use grapefruit peel to boil water. Grapefruit is the place to store the most essential oil in grapefruit. This oil has the ability to stimulate hair growth, nourish each hair follicle, make long hair beautiful and strong natural. They cut the pomelo peel into small pieces, put in a pot of boiling water, let it cool and use that water to shampoo. You can boil grapefruit with herbs such as citrus, lemongrass, grapefruit ... to increase the ability to clean and create natural aroma. In addition to the use of hair cleaning, shampoo grapefruit shampoo feeling relax and relieve tension with pleasant aroma.

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People who suffer from hair loss especially postpartum women usually use grapefruit peel to stimulate hair growth faster and thicker. After shampooing, squeeze the pomelo oil on your hair and rub it from root to tip to keep your long hair healthy and smooth. In addition, we can dry the grapefruit skin to use gradually. Each time you use, you just need to peel the grapefruit into the pot and boil the other ingredients to shampoo. Grapefruit shade can also be combined with bouillon to create a smooth and silky shampoo.

Lemon - natural conditioner

Lemon juice contains highly purified acid. So, lemon balm is still a popular method for newborns. In ancient times, Vietnamese women still use lemon juice to make up the late discharge after washing hair to save the cool aroma of lemon. After shampooing with Bo Ket, women often rinse their hair with lemon juice to smooth the hair. Lemon balm also works to prevent hair loss, cleanse dandruff and scalp itching again.

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Ha thu o - herbal remedies for black hair

Today, young people usually run the trendy hair color, but in the past, black hair is the standard of beautiful long hair. For those who suffer from premature hair loss, they often use ha thu o to overcome this condition. According to oriental medicine, Ha thu o contains many nutrients that have the effect of blood tonic, restoring the damage in the hair follicles are very effective, black hair, stimulate hair growth. There are two types of white and red, but only the red one is used to treat gray hair early.

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You can use tap water to boil water every day, or you can pour it into the powder and use 10-20 grams a day. Another way, Ha thu o use together with black sesame seeds. Roasted black sesame seeds, each 300 grams, small canopy, mixed into the bottle gradually. When used can be mixed with honey, sugar. One day you use 2 times, 2-3 times a teaspoon.

The aromatic leaves

The aromatic leaves, the grapefruit leaves, the dried Bo Ket (was baked through) is cooked with boiling water, then filtered to shampoo. Incense sticks help cleanse, clear the scalp, circulation of blood and help hair grow faster. Old women often mix the essential oil with coconut oil on the scalp to cure long hair loss and help restore damaged hair. Not only that, the smell is also used to wash long hair on the 30th of the year, clean New Year's Eve.

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