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Everything you are ever wanted to know about The weave glossary

Everything you are ever wanted to know about The weave glossary

You are about to find out about hair extensions, you have to find terms that you do not understand its meaning. Here will help you answer for these troubles. Everything you are ever wanted to know about The weave glossary. Read and share this article with your friends and family if you feel it is useful in your life.

Leave Out: A section of your natural hair that is left out and blended with the weave to create a natural part.

Protective Style: A hairstyle that is worn to help promote growth and restore the health of natural hair.

Weft: Hair that is sewn/fabricated as a continuous track of hair.

Full Weave: Most, if not all, of the hair is braided up and the only hair that is out is the weave hair.

Cornrow: A tight braid that will protect your hair as well as provide a strong base to attach the hair to.

Partial Weave: A portion of your hair will be braided up and the remainder will be left out. Most people opt for this option when they’d like to add a little extra volume but want to achieve the most natural look.


Machine Weft: This is the most common type of weft as it is easier and faster to make and simpler for all stylists to use, no matter their level of experience with weaves. Hand-tied wefts are pre-sealed to minimize shedding.

Virgin Hair: The hair is completely pure and natural. It has not been processed to change the natural texture or color at all. Fun fact: All of our virgin hair is also Remy, which means the cuticle is intact from root to end.

Closure: This piece is meant to mimic the scalp to create a realistic looking part/hairline. Closures are typically used for full weaves. We offer many different types of hair closures.

Hand-tied Weft: This weft is a slightly thinner than machine wefts, allowing the hair to lay closer to the head, giving it a virtually undetectable look. Hand-tied wefts are not sealed, it is recommended that they are to be sealed before installation to minimize shedding and retain thickness.

Single Sourced: This means that the hair comes from one singular donor, with natural gradations in length from root to end.

Double Sourced: This means that the hair comes from multiple donors. The hair is combined to create a weft of the same length throughout.

Track: The manufactured part of the weft that acts as the point of attachment.

Remy Hair: 100% human hair with the cuticle layer still intact. This hair may have gone through color/texture processing and therefore would not be considered virgin.


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