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How to blow dry your hair extensions

How to blow dry your hair extensions

There are many ways to blow dry your hair extensions. However, not everyone knows how to do it right. Without properly drying it can adversely affect your hair. All this information will be in the article below. It will be necessary knowledge for those who are using hair extensions every day.

First, let us go on record as saying that if you want the best hair extension services imaginable, you should go to a professional salon and have them do it for you. That extra help will go a long the way for giving you that perfect image. But if you are set on doing this yourself, here’s a quick little guide for properly washing and blowing your hair extensions.

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Blow dry your hair extensions first, you will want to wash your extensions in hair extensions shampoo and conditioner. Perfectly formulated to add vitality to hair extensions and last longer. Next, you will use a heat protecting spray, which protects the hair extensions from the dryer’s heat.

Next, you will want to take your boar bristle brush and take away any frays that might be in the bristles. This is where we get down to business. You will start by sectioning your hair and drying it. Sectioning helps it dry faster, so we are going to speed up the process.

Next, point your dryer toward the ground to help dry the cuticles and move the water faster. As you’re blow drying, you want to break up that heat and prevent clumping by using the boar bristle brush. After you’ve dried it to a satisfactory level, then you will want to apply a serum to ensure that it remains smooth and silky.


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