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Why do hair care products contain silicone?

Why do hair care products contain silicone?

Damage, dryness, even breakage is a consequence of the frequent use of silicone-based hair care products. Why is that? Here are the reasons why hair care products contain silicone? Hope the article gives you lots of useful information.

Fashion is a beauty accessories that contribute to the personality. So often changing hairstyles is also a way to show off the ability to change with new trends. But do you know that when the hair is under too much pressure and not properly cared for, it is very vulnerable, damaged or even broken?

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For effective hair care, you can not overlook the ingredients in hair care products. One of them is silicone, a substance that many people wonder why they often appear in shampoos, conditioners, etc. But is it good for hair?

What is silicone?

The hair is made up of 70% keratin, in the hair cuticle, 5-10 layers of keratin stacked like fish scales. This layer will determine the shine and gloss of the hair. Frequent use of chemicals or styling products with heat will damage these scales, causing friction of the hair to grow up, become tangled and break.

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According to hair stylist Bridget Brager: "Silicone is a mineral commonly found in hair care products. Silicone helps to provide shine, glossy shine, make the hair feel smooth. Due to its high viscosity and flexibility, silicone hair care products, which bind to the surface and fill the gaps between the openings of the hair, make you feel your hair moist and smooth. that certain.

The real effect of hair care products contain silicone

Advantages of hair care products contain silicone:

The hair is drying up and it becomes smooth, floating.
Creates a protective layer for hair from harmful effects such as dust,
Keep your hair soft, shiny.

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Defect of hair care products contain silicone:

Smooth hair is just "fake"
Hair completely does not have the ability to absorb silicone. After each care, the hair will accumulate silicone on the surface, causing sebum, hair follicles and preventing the absorption of other nutrients.
It is thought to be allergens, weak hair, breakage, dandruff and scalp irritation.

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