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How to make for Sock hair bun

How to make for Sock hair bun

Want to make yourself a rebellious hairstyle? Express your personality through this hairstyle. How to make for Sock hair bun. With this simple formula, you will be creative. Please read and share this useful information with your friends and family.

What you need: One sock or foam bun doughnut, Hairspray (optional), 1 or 2 Hair, Elastics, Bobby pins, Hairspray, Two ponytail holders

How to make for Sock hair bun

Step 1: (Optional)
This step is for anyone who wants to save a little cash and create the sock hair bun themselves. When I was younger me, and my mom always made them ourselves. Making one is very easy and great if you don’t have time to search for a foam doughnut at the store.

All you do is take a sock and cut the toe off. Now roll the sock from the toe to the ankle, creating your doughnut. I would suggest trying to get a sock that is like your hair color to make sure it is not visible.

Step 2:
Detangle, detangle, detangle! To achieve the slick look of the sock bun, you must make sure your hair is tangle free. Get that pony going. With this style, you can put your ponytail pretty much anywhere you desire. You can do a cute side, high, or a low ponytail make sure you secure it with an elastic.

Step 3:
Now, hold your pony straight up in the air and slip your doughnut over it. This part may take some practice. Hold the sock doughnut just at the tip of your ponytail. Spread the ends of your ponytail attempting to cover the sock. Now, start to roll the doughnut down your ponytail, while continuing to spread your hair over it. Once you get closer to the base of the ponytail, it will be easier to control.

Step 4:
Depending on how big your bun is, you can secure it with another elastic or just bobby pin it into place. Add a little hairspray to keep your hair in place, and you are good to go.


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