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You know: Different weave hairstyles

You know: Different weave hairstyles

Each type of weave is characterized by a particular texture and comes in multiple wave patterns including straight hair, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave and curly hair. Here are You know: Different weave hairstyles. Please read and share this useful information with your friends and family.

Straight weave hairstyles

Straight hair weave is usually best for people who have naturally straight hair, or who can easily manage to make their own hair straight in order to blend. It lays flat and is easy to smooth into any style. Pictured is Malaysian virgin straight hair.

Body wave weave hairstyle

Good for people who have wavy natural hair or what I have learned is if you often wand curl your natural hair, you could pull this look off too. Body wave has large and in between tight and loose curls. If you are tired of straight hair, try body wave; it’s a huge step for a voluminous look. Enjoy the subtle and beautiful waves of the body wave sew-in extensions. Pictured is Brazilian virgin body wave hair.

Deep wave weave hairstyle

Great for natural curled beauties because it will blend so well while also adding volume to big, deep curls. Usually with this look, if you only have naturally straight or wavy hair, it’ll be best to buy a closure piece or again, wand curl your leave out. Pictured is Brazilian virgin deep wave hair.

Loose wave weave hairstyle

The perfect weft for someone who is looking for a loose curl definition. The Loose Wave Weave provides a subtle wave pattern throughout the wig. You can enjoy alternate styles between straight and curly, or just keep it natural and wavy, much like its body wave counterpart. The only difference between the Body Wave and the Loose Wave is that the wavy pattern is less defined in the latter. Pictured is Indian virgin loose wave hair.

Natural wave weave hairstyle

Natural wave hair is perfect for multiple hairstyles and the perfect weave if you're looking for natural hair extensions. Enjoy a nice subtle wave with this natural hair weave. Pictured is Peruvian virgin natural wave hair.

Curly weave hairstyle

Curly weave hairstyles, youthful and fun, come in different lengths. To be specific, you can wear a curly bob that just touches your shoulders, or can wear one that hits your mid-back. You should decide which side you want it on when weaving the hair in if you want a part in your hair. Although some weaves can be easily changed, others aren’t changeable. For short hair, you can add a curly weave to the front and top of your hair, leaving the back exposed. Pictured is Indian virgin curly weave hair.


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