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What your hair needs based on what it is doing

What your hair needs based on what it is doing

The expression of the hair also reflects on the problem that it is experiencing. Pay attention to these manifestations for proper hair care every day. Here are What your hair needs based on what it is doing. Hope the article gives you much useful and necessary information.

Why is my hair so oily?

Extremely oily hair may mean that your hair has too much product or is producing too much excess natural oil. Thus, use a clarifying shampoo to strip away those unwanted oils. If you are experiencing oily hair, you may also be making common hair mistakes like over-conditioning, using the wrong shampoo, and touching your hair too much.

The first two mistakes can cause your scalp to become clogged, trapping extra oil and dirt within your hair. Brushing or touching your hair too much can transfer the natural oil from your fingers into your hair.

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Your hair is shedding

If your hair is shedding, it means your hair needs less manipulation, less heat, and trim or cut. Hair drops due to being pulled and styled too often. Shedding can be caused by prior breakages such as split ends or thinning spots.

I have yellow and white dandruff

White dandruff is usually harmless. Yellow dandruff can be a sign of a more severe hair or scalp condition or an allergic reaction. Be diligent so that you do not worsen your situation; if you notice thick scabs or an abundance of yellowish dandruff falling from your scalp see a doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment. For home remedies, wash your hair with a gentler, sulfate free shampoo and comb hair gently.

Your hair needs a combination of foods, water, sound styling options and products. Please use a lubricant like mild coconut oil to loosen scabs and moisturize the scalp.


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