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Some vitamins for your hair health that you should addition everyday

Some vitamins for your hair health that you should addition everyday

Consider taking vitamins. Before you start supplements or a new diet regimen be sure to consult with a doctor and take your time to read ingredients. A great way to boost your hair health and physical health is to take vitamins. Here are Some vitamins for your hair health that you should addition everyday.

Some vitamins for your hair health are:

Any approved multi-vitamins

Vitamin/ Mineral Supplements are great for your hair because your hair health depends on your overall health. You cannot have healthy hair without first putting great things into your body.

Hair infinity ($20)

While this option can get a little pricey having to refill every month, I like Hair Infinity because after using it I saw growth. Vitamins are taken twice a day by mouth, with plenty of water. Hair Infinity has protein and biotin to promote hair growth and strength.

hair health

Lysine tablets

Lysine does fantastic things for your hair, skin, and body. Lysine contributes to the collagen.

Plain biotin vitamins ($4-$20)

Biotin is good for the hair because it is one of the leading components in hair growth. It is also great for your skin and nails.

Listen to your hair

Your hair is an extension of your body, what goes in or doesn’t, will reflect in the look and feel of your hair. If you aren’t keen on taking pills in any form or for any reason, managing the foods you take in can also increase your overall health. Foods like fish, vegetables, and beans have the main vitamins and minerals that one will need for optimal health such as proteins, lysine, amino acids, Vitamins A, B, and C.


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