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How to make beautiful hairstyles, convenience and simplicity in the summer

How to make beautiful hairstyles, convenience and simplicity in the summer

Summer, the girls are looking forward to finding beautiful hairstyles, convenient and easy to do. With its subtle hairstyle, you do not have to worry about your hair getting stained and disfigured during hot summer days. Understanding that psychology, hair stylist Jawara Wauchope in London has shared some hairstyles suitable for the summer. Here are how to make beautiful hairstyles, convenience and simplicity in the summer.

Hairstyles ponytail - 5 minutes

If you're new to shampooing, apply a light shampoo to your hair to moisturize and help keep your hair from tangling. Divide the hair into two parts, one at the back of the ear and one down on the face. Continue dividing the back of your ear into two equal parts, pulling to one side of the face and then knot the two lock the hair. You can use a fixed pin for easy operation.


Divide the half of the hair down into two equal parts, continuing to use each knot with the slices on the corresponding side at the upper step, fixed with a pin. At this time you have a total of 3 knot, please use the three column back hair band to complete this poetic beautiful hair style.

Hairstyles buns on either side - 5 minutes

Spray a layer of hair gel to hair healthy, straight, easy to split the throne. Divide the hair into two equal parts, flipping the front part of the shoulder for easy manipulation. Tie hair strands close to the hair root section. In turn twist the two sides, fixed with pins.


Hairstyles bun hair twist - 10 minutes

Take a small lock of hair from the temples (palm of the hand), slightly twist and turn the ring to the back of the head, fixed with a pin. The remaining hair shaft and the two ends of the hair are in the upper part. Twist the entire hair into a low bun, fixed with a pin.


Hairstyles Dutch braid - 10 minutes

Among the beautiful hairstyles introduced in this article, this is probably the most complicated type. If you have straight, slippery and easy-to-do hair, it is advisable to brush your hair a little and spray the gel before you start styling. Divide the hair into two equal parts, one side for easy manipulation with the other. Perform routine triangular hair from the feet to the ends of the hair. You will soon notice the lock of hair growing upwards.



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