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4 Simple tips to tame frizzy hair this summer

4 Simple tips to tame frizzy hair this summer

As Summer approaches, the weather is slowly starting to heat up. You know with sun comes heat and humidity, which can lead to major frizz. Here are 4 Simple tips to tame frizzy hair this summer. Please take proper care of your hair and it will remain silky smooth all summer long.

Be careful with color

As we all know, dying your hair can take a major toll on even the healthiest of hair. So it’s important to stay away from dyes that have harsh chemicals like ammonia. To avoid damage, you choose by dying naturally gray hair and color it as desired.

This eliminates the need to strip away the color (as well as much of its nutrients) on top of dying the hair. The more processed the hair is the more damaged and frizzy it becomes. Instead of exposing your hair to the damaging color process, change up your Summer style with our colored hair weaves.

Be mindful of the products you use

Chemically enhanced products that appear to make your hair behave but only mask the problem short term can have damaging long-term effect that lead to more frizzing. Be sure to use natural, sulfate and alcohol-free products like hair care essentials bundle.

frizzy hair

Protect and style

Whenever heat styling your hair, always make sure to use a heat protectant to minimize heat damage. Heat can dry out and irritate the cuticle and shaft, causing it to frizz up and become brittle. Once your hair is heat styled, renew the moisture and nutrients by applying out silk nectar serum.

Moisturize your hair from the inside out

Moisture is one of the best ways to fight frizz. But it’s not enough to add moisture to your hair using products. Stay hydrated by drinking water will ensure that your hair retains moisture. Lock in that moisture by using leave-in conditioner. Your hair also needs nutrients to stay healthy, making it less likely to frizz up. Be sure to eat right and apply oils that provide the nutrients your hair may lose throughout the day.


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