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Locust - popular, safe and useful hair washing fruit in Vietnam specially with traditional women having virgin hair

Locust - popular, safe and useful hair washing fruit in Vietnam specially with traditional women having virgin hair

Every woman in Vietnam at least 1 time wash hair with locust, specially with traditional women with 100% virgin hair. Locust fruit [Gleditsia] containing 10% saponin, foaming cleansing oily and dusty on the scalp. Locust not help hair grow but it is a friendly detergent. However, to wash properly your hair with this fruit, note that washing heads must have 3 steps and have separate pot of water to cook wash.

1. The washing water processing [The first time washing] – it is often used with person having virgin hair

- Dose for medium thick hair and has lumbar length: it needs 300 grams dried locust fruit, preserved  for not moldy. When using,  grill , grilled necessary to detoxify the locust.

- After grilling, the breaking locust into small pieces, must remove seeds because it makes hair to become rough.

- Cook locust which was removed seeds in 1.5 liters of water, boil for 5 minutes and then put the lid on pot until slightly warm to wash.

- Do not wash your hair with too warm water because it will make  hair fibers, dull.

- Locust water should be used immediately, if let it so long it will be useless and stale.

- Do not use nails to scratch the scalp, only use fingertips to rub, the more you scratch the more irritated scalp.


Locust should be removed seeds before using

* Recipe for dandruff scalp:

- Picking locust thorns on the stem, dry it. Locust thorns contain antimicrobial and antifungal powerful. Locust thorns must be roasted before being boilt with locust fruits.


Locust thorns can dandruff

2. The processing of making hair softening water [2nd time washing]

- Softening water to clean the Saponins of locust, make the hairline compactly, scalp balance, is useful for itchy scalp and whenever the weather is dry.

- After washing cleanly by locust, rinse with the following mixture - depending on the season, depending on conditions of purchasing,  include: grapefruit leaves, lemon leaves, white basil [Ocimum gratissimum]  1 fresh bunch or ½ dried bundle, one held flavor grass roots [Vetiveria zizanioides] helps fragrant hair long, sun-dried grapefruit peel.

All is boiled. Do not boiling long time because it would loose oil and antibacterial, stimulates blood circulation of hair follicles, strengthen hair roots.

* Formula reduce hair lost:

- Natural flowers mauve pig shit [Ageratum conyzoides].

- Flowers white bracelets flower [bidens Pilosa] kind of wild chrysanthemum grow everywhere, leaving the root and take stems.

* Formula stimulate more hair growth:

- Leaves of mulberry [Morus alba]

- Grass Eleusine indica [Eleusine indica]


Grilling Locust before using

3. To sleek the hair

- Squeeze ½ lemon juice through a sieve or one cafespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in 1 liter of cold water to flush final time on hair and making hair easy to comb very smoothly. Do not use hot water because the temperature makes the hair cuticle open, dull hair.

Note: Do not brush your hair when it is wet, dry hair naturally or dry gently in cold weather. When hairline is dry, we will comb the hair.

4. Moisturizing hair and helps hair incubated maximum strength

- Pick 5 red hibiscus flowers, crushed in a mortar, add a few drops of coconut oil, sesame oil, camellia oil ... massage the mixture into your hands and then brushed onto wooden comb then comb hair when is hairline. Comb from the ends upward.  Only need to use once a week. Sometimes use this oil to massage head skin, let it overnight then wash your hair.


Locust wash with well water for shiny hair, smooth

In rural areas, almost women own virgin hair, wells water makes hair soft and machine water makes hair very hard, less locust foaming than wells water. If you live in urban areas with car exhaust your,  your hair washing water must be  denser to ensure to clean clearly black smoke in the hair, in locusts there is only 10% saponin and it will be more diluted when mixing with more water, so you have to adjust the amount of locust for suitable.



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