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How To Get Long, Healthy Hair

How To Get Long, Healthy Hair

We have inside information from the Hair God’s on how to achieve long, healthy hair and we’re going to share that with you lovely lot...
Wash less, condition more. Yup, that’s right! Did you know washing your hair every day is super harmful to your tresses? It strips away your hair's natural oils which act as your scalp’s built-in conditioner and works to fight split ends - less split ends means fewer trims from your hairstylist! Many experts suggest to scale back washing your hair to once or twice a week (we can hear you all gasping!) and when you do wash your hair use a super gentle formula. However, be sure to focus on hydration for your hair. Conditioning treatments are a vital part of growing long, healthy hair. Another top tip is to comb through your hair whilst the conditioner is still in as it helps to prevent knots from forming plus it avoids breakage, too.

Have you heard of the old adage of brushing your hair 100 strokes every night? Well, apparently, it turns out that there is some truth behind it. According to the Hair God’s, when bristles come into contact with your scap, they stimulate blood flow which then works to jump-start your hair growth! They key to this method is using natural brushes they are super gentle whereas metal and synthetic versions are a little harsher on your hair. Alternatively, scalp massages are also said to help hair growth stimulation so if you don’t think you’ll have time for 100 strokes a night. Grab your BFF and give each other a scalp massage

For instant shine and luminosity we have a super simple tip for you to try out. So, before you get out of the shower after washing your hair, drench your tresses in cold water! What?! we hear you say. Well, the cold water works to shock the hair and seals the hair cuticle resulting in super smooth shiny locks. Then grab your Tigi Bed Head Smoothing Stuff and style your hair as normal. Get ready for super shiny, smooth hair that you have been dreaming of.

Go easy on the heated styling tools. Try to avoid the urge to blow-dry or straighten your hair more than a few times a week. Heat damage is the prime culprit for dried, fried, lifeless locks. However, when you are using your hairdryer try to keep the nozzle around 5 inches from your hair to prevent any overheating which may cause breakage. When straightening your hair be sure to set your hair straighteners at a low/medium heat whilst using a good heat protectant, too. Our favourite heat protected as got to be Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Defender and we love, love, love Cloud 9 hair straighteners as they allow you to adjust the heat setting. Perfect for being much kinder and gentler on your hair.

Cheat your way to longer hair with clip in hair extensions and give your hair a bit of a break at the same time. Clip in hair extensions are no more damaging than tying your hair back into a high ponytail plus when wearing hair extensions you’ll actually style your natural hair less! You can also cheat with some clever styling techniques that instantly add inches to your tresses. Style your hair super straight and you’ll immediately notice that it looks longer. If you prefer your hair with a little more body and movement, focus on the curling the middle of your hair leaving the roots and ends straight for a flawless finish. Finish off your hairstyle with a shine enhancer and reap the rewards.

We hope our tips are going to help you on your way to getting long, healthy hair gals. Do you have any more tips for us?

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