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Start looking for good hair extensions with question: Hair Extensions Near Me?

Start looking for good hair extensions with question: Hair Extensions Near Me?

Maybe some websites will help you when you ask: Hair extensions near me and you only need to fill some information concern with the hair you are looking for and they will find it for you.

In this writing I will tell you about some hair extensions you can find in Vietnam where many suppliers can supply good hair extensions for you.

You can get Remy hair or Virgin hair

We definite Remy hair is the hair with 1 bundle from many donors and not ensure that you can bleach to difficult colors. The hair last not long like virgin hair. But Virgin hair is the hair with 1 bundle from 1 donor, not process anything and you can bleach or dye so well with it. It lasts long at least 3  years and maybe to 5-6 years.


You can get Straight hair or wavy/ curly hair

Main natural texture of hair in Vietnam is straight and slightly wavy. Of course we can supply wavy and curly hair made by steam. You only need to send a picture of that pattern, we will make like that for you.

You can get Original hair or Weft hair, Clip, Closure and frontal, Tap, Wig

Main hair we supply is original hair (the hair collect from donors and not do anything, only washing and ship to client). Also with weft hair will be more popular. Some suppliers also supply clip, closure, frontal, tap, itip, wig but not many.

You can get Natural color or Colorful hair

Natural color here is black and dark brown. However customers can ask other colors but only some suppliers do well with many colors, often make well with simple color. So customers should as becarefully before ordering colorful hair.

You can get from Small order to Big order

Because you will buy online from Suppliers here so you should order sample with some bundles before you buy wholesale, that will be safe for you. Because of this reason so all suppliers will accept sample order if customers want.

You can get from Short hair to Long hair

Here customers can order short hair from 4 inches to long hair with 40 inches. However, popular length is from 16 inches to 24 inches suppliers here can supply everytime. Some suppliers will have long hair which is rare in other countries.

You can get from Thin hair to Coarse hair

I mean the standard of thickness of hair. We call small strand is Thin hair which is very soft and silky, it is often collected from children or young girls and it also rare here. The most popular hair here is medium thick hair, then coarse hair which we often collect from Cambodia.

You can get from Cheap hair to Expensive hair

You can compare price from many suppliers but you need to ensure if it is very good hair or not. Of course virgin hair will have more expensive price than remy hair. Or non remy hair will be much cheaper than Remy hair.

You can pay with many methods

Although you are in many countries but you can buy everytime from our country. You need to pay before we ship it. You can pay by: bank, Western union, Money gram, Ria, Paypal...and we can confirm your payment as soon as you pay if we can check it online.

You can request some shipment you want

Here there often are shipments: UPS, Fedex, DHL, EMS, Cargo. However, UPS is the most popular shipment clients often use in this our country because it is the cheapest and fastest one. In some countries, they don’t want UPS and they often ask shipment as they want.

Wish you to find a great supplier in Vietnam and not need to search: Hair extensions Near Me whenever you want to buy hair extensions.


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