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REMY HAIR MAN MADE - do you know about it ?

REMY HAIR MAN MADE - do you know about it ?

REMY HAIR MAN MADE - do you know about it ?

1. About Remy Hair and Remy Hair Man made

To all customers who are working with human hair,

Some month ago i wrote one post about Virgin hair vs Remy hair. Have you read it ?

This is the link :

But now i am going to put more information for that post. One kind of REMY HAIR just joined hair market. You may know, or not yet. It is "REMY HAIR MAN MADE"

Why call it is " man made " ? Kindly check this video on Youtube : . That is Remy hair machine

And what is progress ?

Remy hair

Now you can understand about "REMY HAIR MAN MADE" ?

So, this kind of hair is good or bad ?

Advantage :

+ The hair come same direction, tangle free

+ Cheap price

Weakness :

+ The hair can not last for very long time like VIRGIN HAIR

+ You can not bleach it to very light color 613,60

The hair is weak, not strong like VIRGIN HAIR, so it will be easier to be damaged. Because anyway it was processed.

2. How to recognize Virgin hair, Remy hair and Remy hair man made?

Not easy to recognize which one is VIRGIN HAIR and which one is REMY HAIR MAN MADE. You need to have very very good experience, smell it, touch it, feel it and test it.

So when you buy human hair, you should ask your supplier very carefully that you are going to get REAL VIRGIN HAIR or not.

This post will be an answer for the question of many customers " why some suppliers can sell at very CHEAP PRICE and the hair is still look good and tangle free? "

VIRGIN HAIR IS THE BEST and no any types of processed hair can replace it. Do not compare price between VIRGIN HAIR and REMY HAIR.

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you have any question, feel free to contact us via email : or WhatsApp : 0084 1649590478

Best regards!


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