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VUY VIETNAM EXIM CO., LTD is one of virgin hair manufacture in Vietnam. We specialize in supplying original hair in bulk and weft hair extensions.

We do not say that: we are the biggest company. We just say that: we are medium or maybe small company but we are going toward to be the BEST: BEST QUALITY, BEST SERVICES.

“Action speak louder than words“. How can we be the BEST?

Firstly, to supply to our customers the HIGHEST QUALITY

- We use original hair from our owned hair collectors only. We do not buy from other suppliers or other manufactures

Our owned hair collectors will come to all villages in North and South of Vietnam, also to some neighborhood countries as Laos, Cambodia to cut hair from donors. So we can make sure 100% about our hair quality, without mixing, without processing. Each collector can get about 8kg-10kg per month. They bring to our stock every month.

- After gettiing hair from our hair collectors, our experience workers will sepretate (textures, color, length), washing with shampoo, dry, take out lice, eggs,... (by hand). So, all hair you get will be clean.

- And now, drawing and making weft. Can be machine weft or handtied weft, depending on customers’s requirement.

Final step: testing again before shipping to customers. Including: check again about lices, eggs, white hair and wash again to make sure that all hair is NO TANGLING.

Secondary, to supply to our customers BEST SERVICES

- Understanding: we need to understand all of your requirements before selling to you. So we can make you satisfy best.

- Honestly: with us, customers are our friends also.

- Fastly: you will get fastest response, fastest delivery.


We guarantee 100% for our hair quality.

- 100% real virgin hair, full cuticle and very long lasting (3 years and more if you have good care).

- 100% remy, all hair facing same direction, tangle free.

- If you buy original hair: you will get 100% ponytail (no mixing), one bulk from one donor head).

- The weft: very tiny and strong, shedding free.

- Hair is completely dry, no wet and with original hair - not much rubber band (no more than 3%)

And undertake to sell exactly quality and quantity as agreement. If you get not right quality as our agreement before, you can return to get new ones or get full of refund as our policy.

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"Constant & Never Ending Improvement"