Step by step to apply seamless clip-ins

Step by step to apply seamless clip-ins

If you like the idea of having a seamless set of human hair extensions we will discuss the advantages of them and have a step-by-step guide on the installation process of seamless clip-in hair extensions so that they are undetectable.

Seamless clip-ins

Seamless clip-in hair extensions are the best type of clip-in hair extensions if your natural hair is thinner or you want to wear your hair extensions very often instead of permanent hair extensions. Seamless clip-ins are made with 100% high-quality human hair and are a temporary hair extension method. Seamless clip-ins are lighter in weight and have a thinner band at the root creating a natural blend. Silicone is used to attach each hair to the band.

Each piece of hair is attached and this reduces the tangling of the hair because they are all secured individually at the root so they won’t move out of place. These clip-in extensions are a popular choice for people with thin hair. This is because the hair goes all the way to the root and the silicone base is flat and very flexible. The flexible band means the hair can lay very flat to the head so if you have thin hair the root of the extensions won’t bulge through and show. They are very comfortable on the head due to the thin and flexible band almost feeling like your own real hair.

Seamless hair extensions are slightly thinner than an original set of extensions and this is because if they were too thick the silicone would have to be much thicker therefore defeating the point of the set having a seamless appearance.

Section one

In a seamless hair extensions set, you will have multiple wefts of hair with different amounts of clips attached to them. You want to start off with a three -clip weft.

The first step is to section your hair about an inch below the middle of your head. Use the end of a rat-tail comb to create your section. This will make your sectioning very straight and clean. Straight sections of hair significantly help when applying for extensions as this prevents uneven application and unnecessary pulling on your hair follicles. Clip the top section of hair at the top of your head to keep it out of the way when applying your extensions. This is where your first section can be applied. This section is usually going to be a three-clip section.

Before applying your extensions take a comb and backcomb the section of hair gently to where you are going to apply your extensions. Back-combing this section of hair will give the extension clips a secure grip on your hair and make sure they stay attached to your hair for longer. This will also prevent any pulling on your hair.

Now that have backcombed that section of hair you can apply the extension piece to your hair. Clipping the middle clip to your head first will help you have a secure grip when attaching the other clips in a straight line. Now the first seamless clip-in weft has been applied you can let down the hair at the top of your head to cover the extensions.

Section two

For your second extension piece take the four or five-clip extension piece. This will be applied to the middle section of your head. Section your hair in the middle of your head, about an inch above your previous extension piece. You need the piece with the most clips because the middle of your head has the largest diameter. When you have created a clean, neat section in the middle, clip the remainder of your hair on top of your head.

Repeat the backcombing process for your clips to sufficiently attach to your hair. Once you have achieved a secure grip, release the hair on top of your head and brush through your hair and the extensions.

Section three

For your last seamless hair extension piece, find where your temples are on either side of your head. Trace a line around your head from either side with your fingers meeting in the middle. This is going to be your third section. Remember to create your section using a rat-tail comb for a neat line. Clip up your top section of hair keeping it our the way. Repeat the process of backcombing the section to grip the extension clips to. Once backcombed apply your extensions piece. This last piece should be a three-clip or two-clip piece depending on what you have available.

Unclip the top section of hair and before you let it down, take your rat-tail comb. Backcomb underneath your hair, as if you would when trying to create extra volume at the crown of your head. Backcombing this section of hair that is covering your final extension piece will help ensure that the extensions are covered. You will have double protection due to having the seamless set and back-combed hair.

Once backcombed you can release the top section of hair and smooth over with a brush. Brush through your hair and extensions to ensure they all have a seamless blend. Now you have applied your seamless hair extensions set so that they can go virtually undetectable. You can use heat styling tools with a heat setting (avoiding excessive heat) such as a hair straightener or hair curler if you want to create glamorous, salon-worthy hair. Just remember to use a heat protection spray to protect your natural hair and the human hair extensions from heat damage.


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