Who are we?
Our company name: Vuy Vietnam Exim Co., LTD. We were established in 2012 and to be the first hair companies in Vietnam. We are a manufacturing company  with a factory to control all orders. Our mission is giving the beauty from Vietnam  to the world.
What do we sell?
We sell only real human hair, no fake hair, no synthetic hair, no shedding, no tangle. Our hair is collected directly from Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar with  bulk, weft, wigs, closure, frontal and customized as customers want. We supply  texture from straight to wavy to curly with many styles and colors.
Where do we ship to?
We ship hair all over the world by UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS and Cargo depending  on your choice.
Why should customers choose us?
Our slogan is Trust First (Trust is the First factor with us) so you can believe in us very well with the quality of hair and service. We sell different grades of hair but we are always clear with customers which we are selling and recommend the best choice for them. We sell mainly to repeat customers and we really appreciate it. We always want to say thanks so much to our customers who always go with us every time.
How do we work?
We have salespeople work directly with customers in all countries and confirm the order. After the customer agrees with the order, they will send payment to us (by Bank, Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Remitly, VTC Pay, One Pay, Paypal…then we will get the hair in the factory or customize order then we will ship it to customers. Before shipping we will send pictures and videos to customers.
Like every logo which often gives any message to others and our logo also like that. We want to convey our message from our own logo.
1. Shape: circle 
In overview, the logo is a circle representing the fullness, and can be easily moved and flexible in all situations.
2. Color: Green
The green leaf buds represent those that are fresh, vibrant and environmentally responsible to create a green planet together.
3. Letter: VUY
The stylization of letter V resembles a hand holding the symbol of beauty, with the desire to contribute to the beauty of oneself and for others by the company's own work and activities. Letter V is also the starting letter of our country's name: "Vietnam '', Letter U is also the starting letter of "Unite", Letter Y is also the starting letter of "You". VUY = Vietnam Unite You. From this name we want to give Vietnam to other countries with the best products and services from us. We want to work with customers all over the world and consider them as our friends.
If letter V is always extended and outstretched, U and Y letters are quite modest behind. We always think that: never stop learning and always be humble, respect all, from our employees, customers, and friends, those who connect with us. 
4. Symbol of a charming girl
The symbol of a charming girl with delicate hair, nestling next to a lotus petal symbolizes the beauty radiating from the heart, radiating and reaching out.
We always hope that what we are aiming at will create very good values for individuals and humanity.
5. Lotus flower and Golden star
With the purple colour of lotus petals, the image of lotus flowers, the letter V and a flying five-pointed golden star, we always direct our development with the responsibility of being Vietnamese people, always remember the virtues of our ancestors to build a beautiful and radiant Vietnam.
6. Two words: Trust First
In particular, the foundation of the logo is the two words "Trust first", which is our slogan: "Trust is the First thing", always gives our customers their absolute trust when doing business with us. It is also the red thread throughout our business mission.
We hope that our logo and what we want to give will help us to focus and grow from what we want to aim and hope that all customers will understand us more from this.
Thank you so much for reading this info from VUY.