We all know that the longevity of hair depends a lot on the way we take care for it. There are a lot of articles about how to do hair care, but very few of them mention to our bad habits that can damage our hair. Let us share with you some useful information when using Vietnamese hair extensions.

Polluted air

The air contains a lot of pollutants including smoke, fog, dust,... In some areas like factories, industrial parks, it can also have toxic chemicals in the air. They not only have bad affect your real hair, your hair extensions but also your skin. When your hair is not well covered, these ingredients can be combined with sweat and oil on your scalp to make your hair more vulnerable and split. If you live, work or travel through these areas, it is better to protect your hair by wearing a hat or using a towel. Also, you should avoid the area where smokers live. Because smoke is not good for your hair and your health.

Use a product that is too dry or too harsh

The use of hair products should also be noted. You should only use light products for your hair for long-lasting results and keep your hair healthy. Products with strong effects can be effective quickly, but too strong action can damage the structure of the hair. Damage to the structure of the hair will cause the hair to lose moisture rapidly and become dry, resulting in split ends. Although Vietnamese hair extensions is very strong but using in long time still has bad affect. Avoid alcohol-based and strong detergents  products. If you have time, you should use natural products that can be made at home.


You need to consider whenever you use a new hair product

Bad habit of washing hair extensions

Washing helps to clean the hair extensions but too much or too less is not good, especially when you already applied hair extensions. Too much of washing will lose the natural oil on the scalp and give the hair a good moisturizing effect. Too little shampoo causes dirt to cause scalp problems and makes your hair unhealthy.

Washing hair is good, but when you do it in wrong way, it become bad

Not trim the hair extension

Hair is usually dry and split. Splitting if not corrected will continue to progress to the top of the hair. An effective way to reduce this condition is to prune the damaged part of the hair. Then use essential oils to moisturize the hair. This is very helpful to help keep your hair from getting hurt.

Trim the hair is necessary to keep the hair end stop split

Forget the most important thing: protecting hair structure

As you all know, the properties of hair are due to the natural structure of the hair. Protecting this structure is the most important thing. All of the above methods are meant to protect the hair structure. If possible you should spend some time researching your hair and you will understand why you are doing this or not.

Yes, the lifetime of hair extensions will depend on the way you use it. But the quality of the original hair is also important. That is why you need to choose a good supplier for yourself. VUY Hair Vietnam proud to be one of top Vietnam best virgin hair vendors in the market, we can supply to you best hair. With experience after attending the hair market at least 10 years, we can support you develop your business in your country.


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