Why You Should Start Loving Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Why You Should Start Loving Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Where is This Hair?

It is time to get back on the Vietnamese Straight Hair Extension wave for the summertime! Now, you’ve all heard me talk about this type of hair before.

It’s clear that this hair doesn’t get enough credit for merely existing.

The strength of this hair is durable to last a person over 5 year of consistent use if taken care of properly.

So, why don’t you see it as an option too much? Simply put, this hair is one of the rarest to come across. If you do know this type of hair from a vendor, they are more than likely selling it for a limited time at a high price.

It is starting to sound like everyone is making this hair sound too good to be true! It also looks like this is the type of hair every weave owner should have in their possession.

The Underlying Issues

What does your hair say about you? Does your hairstyle for the week mean anything to you?

How do you feel on bad hair days? Our hair affects our personality more than we’d like to believe, especially us women!

So, having quality hair on your head doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Women want the strength, healthy glow, and thickness from their hair.

Often when purchasing human hair bundles, this isn’t always the case. You can’t trust all vendors for this reason alone!

This summer, don’t settle for less. You deserve quality hair that will last you for a long time.

I believe after reading this post; you’ll begin to think that Vietnamese hair extensions may be for you after all.

There aren’t many other types of hair that compare to the elasticity and endurance of Vietnamese hair extensions.

Vietnamese hair extensions have owned my heart for a while now.

Therefore, I’d be happy to explain why you should make this hair the love of your life and then some!

It All Starts with Who Owns the Hair

Horrible eating habits, chemicals, and lack of exercise are some of the things Americans deal with every day that affect more than their ability to gain or lose weight.

The stuff you put inside of your body can and will manifest to your appearance and the quality of your presentation.

For example, smoking cigarettes can cause early aging and wrinkles and leave greens out of your diet can cause your metabolism to slow down.

So, it's always essential to take care of your weaves and extensions.

Wouldn’t What You Put Into your Body Affect your Hair?

Vietnamese women rarely have the issue of producing full heads of hair from broken bodies.

Their diets consist of rice, greens, and vegetables which eventually control the quality of whatever they produce, AKA their hair.

Also, you will rarely see these women use unnecessary chemicals or products on their hair.

They create most of the products they own from their environment. They also don’t tend to tie back their hair tightly into a ponytail or use excessive blow dryers.

That's why it's preferable to buy human hair ponytails extensions instead of tightly doing it and hurt your scalp.

Their simple lives reflect the quality of their hair, which means, the hair retains a stronger kind of elasticity and strength.

These qualities are perfect for any extensions you’d like in your head.

How Available is it?

I believe I have stated a few time before about how rare these hair extensions are to come across.

Vietnamese hair extensions are in high demand, and if you’re familiar with any marketing terminology at all, then you’ll know that order affects price and availability as well.

High demand and low supply, equal high price. Weak demand and high supply mean a low cost.

Now, you are getting it! Again, why is this hair in such high demand? Quality is everything! With the hair’s natural beauty, luster and durability there is nothing that this hair can’t withstand.

Its ability to be colored and fried multiple times without us damaging the hair is something we all pray for even for our hair! Split ends don’t exist with Vietnamese hair extensions.

Salons and vendors can’t wait to see this type of hair come out to sell to their clients and customers.

They realize that this type of hair doesn’t come out very often, so when it does they try anything they can to get hold of it!

Time to Get Thick this Summer

Vietnamese hair extensions tend to be thick from the texture, but once installed you barely know that it is there. How amazing is it to know that your head won’t feel heavy or weigh you down?

Not only that, but the extensions won’t pull and tug on your hair. The dilemma has always been there. We want the fullness and thickness of the hair, but we don’t want to suffer in the process.

Vietnamese hair extensions work so that we do not have to and because of its fullness, natural flow, and inherently straight texture, it’s perfect for adding waves or different sized curls.

Anytime you order hair from the country of Vietnam, or if the hair’s origin comes from Vietnam, you can almost guarantee that any hair will have the best quality with long-lasting use up to 9 years.

That is especially true compared to other countries where other vendors may receive their hair from most of the time.

Most bundles that come in can obtain lengths up to 32″ which isn’t typical for different types of hair.

And you can always add volume using clip-in extensions.

Styling is Never an Issue

You can accomplish any style you desire with Vietnamese hair extensions from giant curls to braids going down your spine.

The misconception is that since this hair is naturally straight, you can’t do too much with it because it won’t hold styles.

In this particular case, that is wrong! Most bundles have trouble achieving and maintaining any look at all, but with Vietnamese hair extensions, you won’t have these issues.

The only real explanation for this is that it all has to do with the hair’s DNA. It’s one of the few hair textures that can give you thick and full straight textured hair, while also being able to achieve any look you hope to get.

A review of a few styles you can achieve with this look includes natural, curls and waves, ponytails, braids, bangs, etc. In the long run, you won’t regret purchasing these bundles to style them!

Also, explore further to our Kinky Curly Hair collection.

Maintenance, We All Hate It

If you guys are anything like it, then you hate the maintenance part of the hair. You think it’s tedious to have to take all these extra steps to make sure your hair is healthy and silky smooth.

For those that are natural, like me, then you especially know what I am talking about for the most part!

Luckily, Vietnamese hair extensions don’t take much maintenance at all! They are quick to style, and the time it takes to care for and style the hair can take less than a few hours if doing it all in one day.

If you choose to style it the morning of, make sure your hair is wrapped the night before t keep the cuticles of the hair together.

That will also help with keeping the hair straight for more extended periods of time. It is easier to style hair that has straight cuticles rather than starting with wild hair.

Tangles are always issues within hair extensions. Other hair extensions can be prone to tangling and matting the more you wear them, especially if you don’t know how to take care of them.

Vietnamese hair extensions are a little different from the norm. Although I encourage that you always take care of your bundles, I know sometimes we can be a bit lazy.

If this is you, then Vietnamese hair extensions may be your department.

The length of time that you wear them will have little to no effect on its ability to tangle. Vietnamese hair extensions tend to keep their natural beauty and shine, and this helps them be tangle free.

After all, you don’t want to invest half your time untangling your hair after spending a pricey amount of money on it and many hours getting it applied to your hair.

Cost Effectiveness is the Key

You and I both would rather spend less money, but have a quality product at the same time.

There are times where we can find deals like this, especially when it comes to hair, but we aren’t always so lucky.

Many vendors give discounted prices or sales on their hair, but when it comes to Vietnamese hair extensions, this isn’t still the case. Wait, before you get the wrong idea, let me explain!

Well, VUY Hair Vietnam always offer hot bundle deals.

Do you remember when I mentioned something about demand?

The thing you probably recall is “high price.”

Yes, it is true that Vietnamese hair extensions can be a bit costly, but this isn’t the reason I am saying that they are cost effective.

Everyone knows that your hair is an investment. The more you spend from a trusted vendor, such as the one you are reading from, then it’s likely that your bundles will be of quality.

Vietnamese hair extensions will last about 5 years with constant manipulation. When investing in these bundles, you are getting the most use out of your hair and for a very long time.

That means you are saving hundreds of dollars extra by not worrying about purchasing different bundles. Do you agree with me now?

Don’t Hate Me, Because You Ain’t Me

We all know that imitation is a form of flattery. It’s annoying, but at least you know you have something so good that other people want to claim to have it too! Vietnamese hair extensions have this problem.

Seller, vendors, and salons use cheap imitations of Vietnamese hair extensions all the time. Sometimes, they don’t know that the quality isn’t real. It is also effortless to get fooled.

People want the look and feel of the hair without investing, and this could cause more problems than you know. Learn to feel the difference between Vietnamese hair extensions and hair from other sources.

The hair is very lightweight, and you don’t feel the pull on your hair as much. That is why it is essential to make sure you care for your hair because it can fall out due to tensions and pull of the hair strands on your scalp.

If you are really into light extensions, you can use tape-ins extensions.

Pay attention to the look of the hair, the feel, the cuticles and the overall quality. You don’t want to waste your money, but you also don’t want it to ruin your outlook on what quality hair is supposed to do for you.

Get the right quality and don't be afraid to invest! After all, as I have said before, your hair is apart of who you are.

From: privatelabelextensions.com

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