Have you ever thought that we get free hair from donors and sell to customers?

Have you ever thought that we get free hair from donors and sell to customers?
Sometimes we receive questions if we pay anything for people who have hair for us from their donors so that is the reason why we make this writing.

Where do we often collect hair now?
We are in Vietnam which is a Southern Eastern Asian country and we often collect hair from everywhere in Vietnam, any place has hair we will come to collect it. In fact, less and less people have original hair for us to cut because of modern life, so they do not let hair grow long especially in cities. We often come to villages and mountains to collect hair because there they still have original hair to cut, they want to sell hair to get money, not only for their beauty. 
In fact, if only in Vietnam we do not have enough hair to supply our customers in many countries and they often ask everyday with different kinds of hair not only Vietnamese hair so we come to other countries to collect hair. We come to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar where they are near with us to collect. We realize that each country has a different culture and quite different hair. For example, Vietnamese hair often thinner, dark brown color, Laotian hair is more brown and thicker strands, Cambodian hair is bigger strands and have more wavy, coarser hair, Burmese hair is more darker and thicker strands which are nicer in curly when we make.
How much do we pay for people we cut hair?
We know that people want to sell hair to get money so we asked our collectors to pay money to them with different prices which depend on different kinds and different hair lengths. Longer hair has a higher price and depends on the weight they have. But we often pay them the best price I can give to them. We never got free hair from others to sell to customers. Our principle is that sharing is the best thing we can.
As you know, in poor places, they will grow their hair every year to sell to us and then they can get that money to afford and give their children to learn. That is the reason why each time they start the school year we often can collect more hair because that time parents need money for their children. Sometimes children sell hair to buy something they want, for example clothes or bikes...Even some older people sometimes sell hair to have money to go to hospital with their health problems. Some poor people sell hair to get money to buy rice for each day. This makes us happier because we think that we also help them to have money to do something they want.
We want to say thanks to all our customers who help people here so much
Do you think that when you buy hair from us, you also help someone?
We always appreciate customers so much because when we can sell hair that means we can earn money for many people: For us, for our employers in office, for our workers in our factory, for our collectors in villages and for people waiting to sell hair to us to get money.
Every year we often do charity to some poor places to give gifts and money to them with something we can help them. 
Through this writing, we really want to give our thanks to all our customers who help us so much in sharing to others.
For more clearly on the way we collect hair material, you can see on this video bellow:

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    Arti Singh

    It is worthwhile reading this blog. I was searching such kind of blog for a long time but now I think I got a blog of my interest. I am thankful for these all suggestions mentioned under this blog.

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    I really appreciate this honest information and your pleasant service. May God bless you all.

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