What is Raw hair from VUY Company?

What is Raw hair from VUY Company?
In the market, sometimes there are many interpretations of raw hair so in this writing we only write about raw hair that we are providing (from VUY Company)
Raw hair is from single donor hair?
No, raw hair is not single donor hair. With raw hair, 1 bundle from 2-3 donors to make same weight (weight from 95 grams to 100grams)
raw hair
Raw hair can be bleached to 613?
Yes, raw hair can be bleached to 613 but with dirty 613 not light 613 because raw hair from different donors and when making color it does not appear the same color. Of course, sometimes customers still can make light 613 but if we recommend customers to order single donor hair if they want light 613.
How long does raw hair last?
Raw hair is unprocessed hair so it lasts so long, it has lasted at least 5 years even to 10 years. Some of our customers bought raw hair from the first day we started selling and they said that the hair still lasts so long.
raw hair
Why was raw hair last time better than this time?
Some customers asked us why last time raw hair is better than this time and last time raw hair they can bleach to light blonde color, this time only dark blonde color. The answer here: Last time when we collected raw hair which is very pure raw hair and it was the first time cutting that hair from the donor, the hair was not made of anything. After the first time, the hair becomes more modern, even sometimes it was dyed or styled with it so the hair is not pure raw hair like the first time. That is the reason why the quality of raw hair this time will be quite different from last time but raw hair is still very high quality, it is only after single donor hair. 
What are the hair textures for raw hair?
Raw hair only has 2 natural textures: Natural straight and natural wavy. With all Asian hair, the texture does not have any natural curly and very wavy texture. Raw hair textures mean unprocessed textures so they only have natural straight and natural wavy. 
In fact they are still made very wavy/curly from raw hair but they are made steam from raw hair so maybe they still can be called raw hair but not raw texture. 
With natural textures, they are softer and silkier than steam textures. Especially steam textures like yaki straight, body wavy, water wavy, loose wavy, loose curly, Burmese curly, kinky loose, pixel curly, kinky curly, sun curly, luxury curly, funmi...are made steam from raw hair so the hair is drier than steam processed hair. That is the reason why we recommend customers only comb the hair when washing it with conditioner, don't comb it when it is dry, the hair will be very dry and frizzy then. 
Bone straight is also not pure raw hair because we use chemicals to make the hair very bone straight. When the chemical is removed, the hair will be drier than natural straight so we often recommend customers to use natural straight if they want very good quality.
raw hair
How much is raw hair?
The price of raw hair depends on the length and quantity of hair which customers order. Length we have from 6 inches to 32 inches (even longer than 32 inches but not much). Quantity of order, customers can order from 1 bundle to thousands of bundles. From 10 bundles, customers will be charged wholesale price. Customers can contact the salesman to get the best price for the order including shipping cost.
All information about raw hair, customers can contact with our salesman or hotline: +84 866 551 369

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