Sometimes customers still ask why they must use single donor hair while it is expensive and if it is necessary. Below writing will give our answer about this question.

1. No need to use single donor hair if you want steam hair
The most important point of single donor hair is no mixing or processing any, only washing and making machine weft. Otherwise, when you make steam (wavy/curly) for single donor hair, it will look like raw hair while it is more expensive than raw hair. So we don't advise you all the time with single donor hair.
2. No need to buy single donor hair if you want bone straight
If you are looking for very bone straight hair, you can choose raw hair or remy hair and then you make bone straight for it by chemical, you don't need to find single donor hair. However, someone still wants to make bone straight from single donor hair because they want the best high quality we have. In fact, a single donor when making bone straight is also quite silkier than raw hair or remy hair but not so much.
3. No need to buy single donor hair if your request is only human hair
If you only need human hair, you can order remy hair because remy hair can last at least 3 years. Remy hair is totally human hair not synthetic because we say never with synthetic hair.
4. We recommend you single donor hair when: 
- You want to make a very light color as #60, #613, you should use single donor hair because 1 bundle from 1 donor and no processing anything so when you bleach or dye the hair it will appear very light and the same color in 1 bundle.
- You are looking for baby thin hair which is very natural, silky and soft. Single donor hair will be the best choice for those who are looking for this hair because in single donor we often choose the best silky and soft hair for this hair. The hair from single donor always be silkier than mixed bundles
- When your customers always ask only single donor hair, no mixing donors and they ask the highest quality in the market, not taking care of the price so much, you can choose Single donor hair.

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  • Thế Hải Nguyễn
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