Cambodian hair you can bleach it well?

Cambodian hair you can bleach it well?
Yes you surely can because of these reasons:
1. Cambodian hair from us we only sell pure raw hair
We sell Cambodian hair from a single donor which we do not process any and with natural color. Natural color of Cambodian hair is 1B. If you see that brown which is dyed from donors before we cut it, when you bleach, it will appear a color not very light as with natural color 1B. 
1 bundle from 1 donor and we do not mix bundles with each other so you should bleach each bundle to have the lightest color.
2. Cambodian hair we sell mostly with natural wavy
We nearly only sell 1 style for Cambodian hair with natural wavy texture not straight or curly. Then customers can make more wavy or steam from the style we sell. 
However we have to notice that the Cambodian hair wavy we sell is quite coarse, it is not very soft as Vietnamese hair so when customers make steam for this hair, it will become more dry.
Cambodian hair
3. Cambodian hair customers often need how many bundles for 1 head
Like other hair, Cambodian hair also often need 3 bundles to make a full head and total weight. However because we sell single donor Cambodian hair so each bundle does not have the same weight. It may be 80grams, 90grams or over 90grams.
4. Cambodian hair lasts very long
The most characteristic of Cambodian hair is that the hair is very strong. You can straighten it, you can make color well, you can process it and it will not be as weak as other hair because strands of hair are very big and thick so don't worry about the strength of the hair. This is a strong point of Cambodian hair.

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