Do you know about Cambodian Hair Single Donor From Us?

Do you know about Cambodian Hair Single Donor From Us?
How do we collect Cambodian hair?
Many customers ask us to buy Cambodian hair. That is the reason why we come to Cambodia to collect it although we are from Vietnam. 
Maybe Cambodian hair has many kinds like Vietnamese hair or Laotian hair, Burmese hair but we only focus on the most characteristic of Cambodian hair we see the difference with other hair we know.
The most characteristic of Cambodian hair
Cambodian hair is not soft and thin strands as Vietnamese hair, it is coarser and hair strands often more flat, not round as other hair. 
You can recognize it by seeing or touching it. When you touch it, it is often rougher. It is not very silky by touching.
The texture of Cambodian hair
Cambodian hair from us has 2 natural textures: Straight and wavy but more with wavy. Especially since Cambodian natural wavy hair is more wavy than Vietnamese hair or Laotian hair so it looks so beautiful for those who want natural wavy hair which will not loose wavy and the hair not damaged by steam. Because with some kinds of hair like Vietnamese hair, in order to have such a wavy texture, we have to make steam for it so the hair does not have the natural texture as Cambodian hair.
Cambodian wavy hair
Can customers make color with Cambodian hair?
Surely because the Cambodian hair we are selling is single donor hair, we do not process anything even with steam for wavy or dying any. So customers can make color or make more style with it so well. 
Who should buy and who should not buy Cambodian hair?
If you are looking for very nice wavy and do not care more about the silkiness of hair and only want natural wavy not steam wavy, natural wavy Cambodian hair will be the best choice for you.
If you are looking for wavy hair as silky as Thin baby hair, please don't buy Cambodian hair because you will not like it any. Then we recommend you with Vietnamese single donor wavy hair.
How much is that?
The price depends on the length of hair and fullness which we call supper double drawn or double drawn. We only often sell with supper double drawn or double drawn and length often from 10 inches to 30 inches. 
You can contact our salesman to get more info on this hair.
Contact here:
+84 34 959 0478
+84 969 133 203
+84 35 790 8673
+84 34 742 5908
+84 965 626 013
+84 974 994 185
+84 39 410 2918

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