What is exact name of hair extensions now?

What is exact name of hair extensions now?

Currently, with the development of the hair extension market, it leads to a situation where there are many names for different qualities and this is generally invisible, making customers confused before choosing which quality is suitable for their needs your request. So are you wondering what the exact name of hair extensions is?

It is a fact that 99% of companies are calling their products incorrectly. The reason is due to the ambiguity of quality standards for each product type. There is no exact set of standards for raw hair, virgin hair or remy hair. Therefore, suppliers automatically call raw hair, virgin hair without knowing the actual quality of the hair. Although the quality of the hair is very low, many vendors do not hesitate to call it raw hair to attract customers. What is good is not cheap, and what is cheap is often not good. The problem is that customers always want cheap but good things, so vendors take advantage of this to deceive customers.

When you search "What is raw hair?"
Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair that is collected from one donor. It has never been chemically processed or had any heat applied to it. Raw hair comes in its natural state unlike virgin hair. This is the highest quality on the market. Raw hair is very natural looking and blends very well with your own hair.

If by this standard, I dare to guarantee you that most companies are not calling right. You know you are not getting the right quality according to the name of the product you are buying. Right?
So don't care about the name, focus on the product characteristics, the quality, the squareness of the hair,... what benefits the product brings you, you can use it. How long does it last, can you change the style or color, how to use it, etc.


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