Why Is Single Donor Hair Price Higher Than Raw Hair?

Why Is Single Donor Hair Price Higher Than Raw Hair?
As in the last article about What is raw hair we aimed that Single Donor Hair is not Raw hair, they are different. However, what is the difference, we will show in detail with this article and we will answer the question: why is Single Donor Hair higher quality than Raw Hair.
Single Donor Hair and Raw hair are both good quality, they are unprocessed hair but in fact Single Donor Hair Price is higher because of these characteristics: 
1. Single Donor Hair Is Not Mixed With Each Bundle
After cutting Single Donor Hair, bundles will be washed without mixing with each other, only weft or let as bulk, then sell it to customers so when customers make color for it, it will appear well colored because it will appear the same color. 
So when customers want to bleach to light 613, they should choose Single Donor Hair.
Of course, raw hair can be bleached to 613 but it will appear dark color from 613. Here are the pictures of raw hair after making 613.
Left is Blonde by Single Donor Hair, Right is Blonde by Raw Hair

Hair is bleached from Single Donor Hair by VUY's Customer
2. Single Donor Hair Is Silkier and Softer Than Raw Hair
Single Donor Hair we collect from very good quality donor because we know that Single Donor Hair is the most expensive hair from us so we collect Single Donor Hair mainly with baby thin hair which is very silky and soft and totally natural hair, not use any chemical on hair.
Natural Wavy on Single Donor Hair
Raw Hair is also silky and soft but it is less than single donor hair. Raw Hair is also from 2-3 donors so sometimes the hair is quite mixed looking but when mixing donors from raw hair we also choose the same looking.
Raw hair with natural straight and wavy/curly textures
3. Single Donor Hair Price is Higher Than Raw Hair
We spend more time collecting Single Donor Hair than Raw Hair because we only choose the highest quality for Single Donor Hair and it is also rare here, the price for collecting is also higher. That is the reason why the price of Single Donor Hair is higher than Raw Hair. 
4. Single Donor Hair is Often Has Natural Brown Color Than Raw Hair
In fact, natural color of hair here only has in black color (#1 which is very rare) and dark brown color (#1b), not have natural brown color and Raw Hair also only has those 2 colors but with Single Donor Hair we still show natural brown color, sometimes it has brown tip color or ombre brown color.
This is because Single Donor Hair we can collect from some donors which were dyed before we cut and the hair has lived in the donors some months, even some years so the hair looks naturally and still can be bleached color well (but with brown color, only should bleach to dirty blonde, should not to bright blonde).
5. Single Donor Hair Has Less Short Hair Inside Than Raw Hair
Because Single Donor Hair we don't mix any donors so the bundles are still original and do not have so much short hair inside. Raw Hair must be mixed from some donors (2 or 3 donors) to make the same weight (100grams for each bundle) so sometimes it has more short hair inside than a single donor. Of course, with a Single Donor we also have normal double and very double, we call them donor 50 and donor 80.
6. Single Donor Hair Is More Gorgeous Than Raw Hair
Single Donor Hair is always more gorgeous than other hair, even if it is made steam for wavy or curly. But when Single Donor Hair is made steam into wavy or curly, it will be more coarse than straight but it is still more gorgeous than Raw Hair.
Feedback by VUY's Customer

Bouncy Funmi Single Donor Hair
7. Single Donor Hair is also Last So Long as Raw Hair
Although Single Donor Hair is silkier and softer than Raw Hair but it still lasts so long like Raw Hair, lasting 10 years with good care. When customers use chemicals on it, it will last less but at least 5 years. That is one of the strongest points from us with unprocessed hair.
Feedback by VUY's Customer
8. Single Donor Hair Appears for Very High Level Customers 
When customers buy Single Donor Hair means that they want to gain the highest quality in the market and they agree with special quality and special price. One of the reasons we find Single Donor Hair to sell is that sometimes customers ask us: I want supper hair for me and don't sell any cheap hair for me, so they become our customers for many years with that quality.
Above are some reasons to help you know why Single Donor hair is more expensive than Raw hair. For more detailed information please contact us. We're happy to help answer your hair questions. Please contact us via: https://vuyhair.com/pages/contact-us

Or hotline: +84866551369

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If you have any question or order any hair, feel free to contact with our salesman:


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